About breakups

When you are facing a breakup with family, groups, friends or a lover, that does not necessarily have to end up in a closure. More likely it may create happy breakthroughs, where you see clearly and honestly what is true and authentic in these relationships, and which parts you need to let go, because of false compromises, overthinking and not being open to yourself and the other person. This is a process we all have to go through in life – to learn a lesson, give or get blessings, forgive and move on. Namaste

Soul Note

The path less travelled.

The following thoughts are the first that I completed successfully for being valuable to be published here in my personal blog!

My path is long. – I recognised this from the day I was born and it`s been infiltrated in my whole life time since the early days.

Asking me if it could be difficult to follow my path, I would not have recognised that really and my answer would have been: Not that much! Because in fact it is not – at least not constantly without taking time for a breath!

Every now and then there are obstacles and – yes – also some blockages arise. They appear before my inner eye and create some fear. Who can tell (s)he is free of these experiences? However, there has also been a deep, honourable feeling, that everything will work itself out and it is half as bad though…

But here I talk about a different thing! The path described is the inner path to self awareness. Of course life happens – always and continously – sometimes loud and vital, sometimes quiet and intimate. Each of us knows that and learn – more or less – to go with the flow and deal with it.

The insights into the self follows other rules than in the outer world. This can be realised – and I say “can”, because only a few recognise the vibes for possible dives inside yourself. Or, if they do, they get stopped out of fear, shame or a lack of intelligence already at the superficial beginning of the journey and return back to “usual”.

Since my start of the journey to my true self, I can tell you that it feels uncomfortable, because it reveals the truth – a radical, not always friendly truth of who I am! I find out about me what I mostly try to neglect – for a very good reason as it unfolds the soulful and unconscious (un) depth of my own self.

Let me tell you in my beginning of this journey that this experience will enrich you more than all awards, material belongings and achievements and hymns in the outer world can ever do. The reason for that is obvious: It is sustainable and honest – nothing that can be given or taken from outside!

And this is not all you may expect…

The highest goal of this journey to your inner self is waiting for you – after a lot of spiritual insights, losing and refinding yourself, disappointments and set backs, ultimate let go of false ego!

This is learning to know your original self, who you truely are and why you are here!

Only then it becomes possible, what is called your inner potential – which has always been there as a treasure hidden within you – so beautiful, so pure, so authentic!

When this happens all burdens and fakes fall apart – you go through a metamorphose from a larve to this butterfly, that you truely meant to be all your life!

Then you are able to go upright on your path to self conciousness without fear, shame or remorses, because it is bigger and more sincere than all you imagined or all your doubts and worries.

It seems like a wonder – in fact it is the truth, which shows up finally – in you, but visible for all around you!!!

I went on this wonderful road for a little while now knowing that a longer hike is still ahead of me – I can feel it.

As said, it is not always nice, cosy and light, but one thing is for sure:

This path to your inner self is crystal pure – without alternatives or compromises – authentic in all parts and if you are willing and insisting to go to the end, your way will lead you to your highest self!!!!!!

In other words this journey sharpens your diamond, which lies deep inside of you –  raw and pure from the very beginning – ready to present itself!

Should you be inspired from my words of love and light I share here, and want to look into your personal, less travelled path, you can ask me for supporting and guiding you here. Be assured, that I will do my very best to help you in finding your path –

But remember:

Following this true path you discover on your way, is to be done by nobody except you …

All my love and light – wherever you are on your inner journey!